Financing Option

At Pureglo, we are proud to partner with Beautifi, a Canadian financing service that is dedicated to making aesthetic treatments more accessible to patients, empowering them to embrace their desired enhancements without the burden of upfront costs. Loans start at $1000 with term from 6 months to 6 years. Loans are open and can be paid off at anytime with no fees. 

• Through this partnership, our patients have access to a
range of aesthetic services
• By working together, we can offer our patients a holistic
approach to healthcare that addresses not only their
physical health but also their financial wellbeing
• At Pureglo, We pride ourselves on providing high-
quality aesthetic services and understand these
treatments can be expensive, which is why we have
partnered with Beautifi to help our patients.
• We believe that our partnership will
benefit our patients in the long run, and we are excited
to offer this additional service to our clients.