Bend Beauty Marine Collagen 146G


The synergy of fish collagen peptides, silicon and whole food vitamin C help protect against skin aging while supporting hair and nail health. Treat your skin from the inside out.


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This product helps:

Build: Helps in collagen formation
Support: Helps to maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails
Protect: Source of an antioxidant that helps protect against free radicals
Repair: Helps in wound healing

Key Ingredients:

  • Marine collagen peptides (4500 mg)
    • From food grade wild cod, haddock and pollock
    • From fresh-frozen fish skins
    • From sustainably managed fisheries (Iceland)
    • Low environmental footprint
    • High peptide bioavailability
    • Source of the amino acid lysine (140 mg)
  • Vitamin C (50 mg)
    • From organic acerola cherries
    • Whole food source
    • Necessary for collagen crosslinking
    • Antioxidant that protects against damaging free radicals
  • Silicon (10 mg)
    • From organic-compliant bamboo
    • Whole food source
    • Necessary for collagen crosslinking
    • Boosts hair and nail health

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